We apply a simple approach and unique philosophy to help clients realize the essence of their vision. Through design we transform space into place for our clients.  

Our places embody a philosophy of strong simple design that responds to the environmental and cultural processes influencing each site. Our philosophy is based on respect: respect for our clients, for the environment, and for the power of design.

Some come to us to create a totally new environment, and some to rethink an existing space. Our reputation has evolved into a studio that can take on a project of any size project, across a variety of disciplines, and produce high quality original work.  

The following are some of our areas of expertise:

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Reading the Landscape - Places have unique systems, rhythms,  qualities, tensions and clues. When reading the landscape we discover these patterns to gain an understanding of the natural and cultural functions of a place.  We evaluate each site to identify its essential character, thereby helping us develop site-specific design responses. 

Surrey Bend Regional ParkMatsqui Trail Regional Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, Lions Gate Secondary Wastewater Treatment Plant, North Shore Spirit Trail, Bernard Avenue 

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Collaborating and Engaging -  We ask questions first, then listen. We listen for the words that get repeated, phrases that are spoken with passion, and opinions that are voiced with excitement. Through discussions with the public, stakeholder groups, and our clients, we develop a better understand of the site's opportunities and challenges to be addressed through our work. 

Kinsmen Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, Garden City Play Environment, Spirit Trail, Bernard Avenue, Lions Gate Secondary Wastewater Treatment Plant

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Working with the Land - Every site, natural or constructed, is uniquely influenced by natural processes and systems. These processes impose limitations, but also generate unique opportunities. Our work strives to interpret, respond to, and integrate natural systems and terrain. 

Surrey Bend Regional ParkNorth Shore Spirit Trail, UniverCity Childcare, Garden City Play Environment, Kinsmen Park

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Discovering the Potential of Place - Each site has unique qualities that are inherent to its place. We discover and amplify the natural, and cultural elements that make each site unique or add new elements when appropriate, so that it will establish an identity and reach its true potential.   

Garden City Play EnvironmentKinsmen Park, Oppenheimer ParkSFU Univercity Childcare, Lions Gate Secondary Wastewater Treatment Plant

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Designing for Public Life - The public places that resonate are designed for people and relate to the human scale. When creating places we carefully design for the experiences that are created. Whether a site is natural, or urban there are fundamental principles that should be considered to create places that connect people with their environment.  

Kinsmen ParkGarden City Play EnvironmentOppenheimer ParkMetro Skate ParkSpirit TrailConfederation Water PlayLunch Meet