50 International Students at Surrey Bend Regional Park

Jeff led a walking tour through Surrey Bend Regional Park for students enrolled in UBC's 2018 summer course Urban Landscape Architecture. He described how the transformation of the originally scarred site occurred while considering its larger context using long views and physical connections. Students were curious to hear how landforms define and create spaces. They learned that the park is designed to accommodate regular flooding while capturing most of the year's runoff in swales and wetlands, which also reinforce the site’s character. 

At the Surrey Bend Pavilion

At the Surrey Bend Pavilion

Jeff Cutler is speaking at the Greenery & Landscaping China Conference

Jeff will be speaking at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center during the Greenery & Landscaping Conference May 29-31, 2018

The Potential of Places | Abstract

Our relationship with the natural world and built environments is changing. As our landscapes are transforming due to increased development and a changing climate it is more important than ever for public landscapes to foster a unique place-specific identity with a high quality of public life for residents. In response, the role of the Landscape Architect is increasing in complexity as the interweaving of environmental and cultural issues require solutions that are both visionary and sustainable.

Space2place, a landscape architecture studio based in Vancouver, takes an integrated approach to help organizations transform forgotten sites into ecologically sustainable and experientially rich places. As landscape architects and urban designers they bring together the practical and the imaginative to realize projects that enhance meaningful connections between people and their environments. In his lecture Jeff Cutler will share his process illustrated with relevant projects from Western Canada.

East Fraser Lands Park, Vancouver BC | South Kinross Park Simulation

East Fraser Lands Park, Vancouver BC | South Kinross Park Simulation

People, Parks, and Dogs Strategy for Vancouver wins 2018 National CSLA Award

Our People, Parks, and Dogs strategy for sharing Vancouver's parks has won the National Award in the Research category. 

The Strategy was adopted by the City of Vancouver to help create safe and engaging park spaces for people with and without dogs. 

As in many other major North American cities, the number of people and dogs in Vancouver is growing. With population growth and people living in smaller spaces, it’s now more important than ever to balance different uses of parks and public spaces.

Sarah Primeau is speaking at the Summit on Landscape Architecture and the Future

Sarah Primeau will be on a panel of Emerging Leaders at the upcoming Landscape Architecture Summit in Philadelphia June 10-11. Sarah will be one of 70 established and emerging leaders presenting their "Declarations" and engage in a lively debate about realizing landscape architecture's potential and effecting real world change.  

The summit is organized by the Landscape Architecture Foundation and convenes a diverse group of preeminent thinkers and influencers from around the world to set the course for landscape architecture to make its vital contribution in the 21st century.

The Summit marks 50 years since Ian McHarg and other leading landscape architects composed LAF’s seminal Declaration of Concern, which decried the burgeoning environmental crisis and heralded landscape architecture as critical to help solve it. Building on this legacy, this one-time historic gathering will culminate in a redrafting of the original 1966 Declaration of Concern and a landmark publication of the ideas presented.

Surrey Bend Regional Park Grand Opening

Our latest park is opening this weekend with a grand opening event in the park from noon-4pm on Saturday April 16.  

Surrey Bend Regional Park is one of the largest, most ecologically- significant areas within the Lower Mainland. The 348-hectare site is situated on an undiked section of the Fraser River floodplain, and thus has a great diversity of wetland ecosystem types. Space2place was engaged to build on earlier planning studies with a detailed design that will allow the public to sensitively access the site for environmental education programs, wildlife viewing, and other forms of passive recreation. The design response, limited to previously-developed parts of the site, plays with the site’s topography to create new views in and out of the park, and to create new wetland habitat.

The park is designed to accommodate and celebrate regular  flooding, with primary trails and key park infrastructure (park pavilions, pit toilets) set above the level of frequent inundation. During most of the year runoff is captured in new swales and wetlands, which also reinforce the site’s character. Site planting will expand the riparian forest, incorporate native meadow planting, and provide low-maintenance lawn areas for group gatherings.

Three pavilions have been designed to provide sheltered spaces for picnicking, group gatherings, and formal interpretive programs. Natural play elements and interpretive elements are also integrated to engage visitors in unique ways and provide visual landmarks through the site.

More information about the park. http://www.vancitybuzz.com/2016/04/surrey-bend-regional-park/

Kinsmen Park awarded 2016 National Urban Design Medal

We are excited to announce that Kinsmen Park has won a National Urban Design Medal.  This is the second National Urban Design Award won by space2place following the certificate of Merit received for the Garden City Play Environment in 2012.  

The National Urban Design Awards were established to recognize that urban design and architectural excellence play an important role in maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in Canadian cities.

The awards are presented jointly by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC), the Canadian Institute of Planners and the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects in cooperation with Canadian municipalities, to promote public and private awareness of Urban Design. 

Complete list of recipients: https://raic.org/awards/national-urban-design-awards---2016-recipients

As Saskatoon’s oldest park, Kinsmen Park has been one of the city’s most prominent and well-loved places. From its origins over a century ago, this 31 acre site has been a key gathering place in the city - bringing families together to play, socialize, and connect with nature. The recent improvements to the park, including a new Ferris wheel, miniature train, restored carousel and a generous play environment have reinvigorated the park’s appeal and its legacy as an iconic destination within Saskatoon.

We would like to acknowledge all of the people and organizations that contributed to the success of this project.

Client: the City of Saskatoon

Project Sponsors: Potash Corporation, Canpotex, CN

Consultants: Oxbow Architecture, Public Architecture and Communication, Local Practice Architects, Associated Engineering, Catterall and Wright, PWA engineering, LIS irrgation

Contractor: PCL 

Surrey City Hall Playscape wins CSLA award

We are pleased to announce that the Surrey City Hall playscape was recognized with an honourable mention by the 2016 CSLA award Jury.   

The Surrey City Hall playscape has been carefully design to layer a diversity of play opportunities that allow children to experience risks and test their boundaries.  The result is a dynamic place that provides open-ended play experiences that encourage imagination and creative play while meeting the emotional, cognitive and physical needs of children.

Follow this link for the complete list of winners 

Jeff Cutler to lecture in Las Vegas

Jeff Cutler will be lecturing at the Springs Preserve on October 8 as part of a lecture series for the University of Las Vegas.  Jeff's talk is titled serious play and will speak about the qualities of great places for play and the value of risky play.

Oppenheimer Park featured In Context videos

Oppenheimer Park is featured as one of seven projects from across Canada as part of the Architecture in Context series. The in-context series is described on their website as follows:

"Over a year the In-Context travelled across Canada collection stories of real people and places, to report on the impact of recent architecture projects at the foreground of this great evolution of Canadian cities."   

The video and accompanying article were developed during the summer of 2014 when the park was home to a protest held within the park throughout the summer.  They do a great job of capturing the context and social conditions of this park.  


Oppenheimer Park in Landscape Architecture Magazine

Oppenheimer Park is featured in the May 2014 issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine.  The article was written by Adam Ardvinson and is focused on how the design of the park is in response to the unique social conditions of the park.  Oppenheimer Park is one of Vancouver's oldest public places and is situated within one of the most underprivileged neighbourhoods in Western Canada.  The article was written a few years following the completion of the park.  Adam visited with us and interviewed many of the people that are involved with daily activities within the park.  

Winner in the SFU competition

Space2place is the first runner up and won $10,000 in the SFU Rise competition.  The competition seeks ideas to deal with Sea Level rise within the Vancouver context.  

Our submission Perforated Edge demonstrates a model of flood-adapted urban development that uses multiple strategies (e.g. elevated grades, flood gate, new water channels, wetlands) to safely bring water into the city for ecological enhancements, recreational opportunities, and waterfront development.

Rapid sea level rise is presenting a serious challenge to the future of our coastal cities. Conventional flood protection infrastructure, such as dykes, create a disconnect between our communities and their waterfronts. This results in lost opportunities to experience the water, lost recreational spaces, and lost intertidal ecosystems. At the same time, many coastal cities are wanting to revitalize their urban waterfronts but are challenged to find ways of safely connecting people to the water.

This project seeks to show how Richmond, as a representative coastal city, can adapt to sea level rise while reconnecting the city and landscape to the water. This proposal demonstrates a model of flood-adapted urban development that uses elevated grades, a flood gate, and new water channels to safely integrate water with the urban fabric while protecting against floods and sea level rise. 

At the heart of this proposal is a 13 hectare tidal channel park that brings the Fraser River into the heart of Richmond’s City Centre, reconnecting people with the water along 3 kilometers of new riverfront property. The tidal channel park also allows landward wetland migration, supports juvenile salmon rearing, and filters urban stormwater runoff. 

Jeff Cutler interviewed for Vancouver Design Week. - Video

The above video is part of a series of videos interviewing Vancouver Designers about their work.  An article on Vancouver is Awesome accompanied this video http://www.vancouverisawesome.com/2014/09/11/vancouver-design-week-is-almost-here  Also look for our work in an upcoming exhibit at the Vancouver Museum as part of Vancouver Design Week.  

Mike Teed is the inaugural winner of the CSLA emerging practioner award

Mike Teed will receive be awarded the inaugural CSLA emerging practioner award at the 2014 CSLA conference in Ottawa. 

The Emerging Professional Award demonstrates the CSLA’s commitment towards landscape architects in the early stages of their careers. The Award is intended for emerging professionals who: have demonstrated professional excellence in the field of practice, positively impact their vocations and communities, have shown leadership in the profession, and demonstrate passion and enthusiasm for the profession of landscape architecture.

Mike has been with space2place since 2006 and has worked on many of our most significant projects and he is a key member of our team.  Congratulations Mike!

Under Construction

Metro (Bonsor) Skate Park

click the image to view the photo story. 

click the image to view the photo story. 

This is the first post of a series where we dip into our archives and share some insight into the process leading up to thefinished project.  In this post we feature the construction process of the Metro Skate Park. 

The Metro Skate Park was an important project in the development of space2place. We won the commission for this project in early 2003. It was our first significant public project and one of our most challenging projects technically.  

This is one of our early projects that helped build our reputation for innovative public projects.  Some other cities we worked with to develop skate parks include  Courtenay/Comox, Cranbrook, Toronto, Ft. McMurrary and Leduc. All of these projects were in collaboration with Spectrum Skate Park Creations.  Space2place was the prime consultant on these projects with Spectrum responsible for the geometry and flow of the park features.  

We developed valuable skills through these projects including: public engagement, working with concrete, managing complex jobs and creative use of public space. These skills continue to influence our projects today.   

SFU Childcare wins a CSLA National Design Award


The SFU Univercity Childcare project has been awarded a 2013 National Citation award by the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects in the Design Category.  The childcare opened in April of 2012 and is a candidate to be Canada's first Living Building. The project was designed to support the Reggion Emillia approach to childcare by providing an experientially rich outdoor environment. The use of natural materials, planting, topography, and rainwater connects the children to this unique place and represents the principle of the environment as "the third teacher".

This award is the sixth CSLA award in the past six years and the fourth award recognized with a National distinction. 

Playground Design

A copy of the Playground Design book arrived last week at our offices. This publication features our Garden City Play Environment along with a great collection of play spaces around the world. I am impressed with the quality of the book, featuring generous high quality images of each project featured.  The book is organized into 3 main categories fantasy, nature and sports with over over 50 projects featured.  Highly recommended for anyone interested in contemporary playground design.