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Metro (Bonsor) Skate Park

click the image to view the photo story. 

click the image to view the photo story. 

This is the first post of a series where we dip into our archives and share some insight into the process leading up to thefinished project.  In this post we feature the construction process of the Metro Skate Park. 

The Metro Skate Park was an important project in the development of space2place. We won the commission for this project in early 2003. It was our first significant public project and one of our most challenging projects technically.  

This is one of our early projects that helped build our reputation for innovative public projects.  Some other cities we worked with to develop skate parks include  Courtenay/Comox, Cranbrook, Toronto, Ft. McMurrary and Leduc. All of these projects were in collaboration with Spectrum Skate Park Creations.  Space2place was the prime consultant on these projects with Spectrum responsible for the geometry and flow of the park features.  

We developed valuable skills through these projects including: public engagement, working with concrete, managing complex jobs and creative use of public space. These skills continue to influence our projects today.