Opening Day Garden City

Below is a short video illustrating some of the play experiences at Garden City. The video focuses on the activities or "stories" taking place in the park. This is our first video and apart from a few sound issues I think it is successful in displaying another side to the project online. This also shows the park mostly complete with the recent planting in the park. I anticipate the park will change as the planting grows throughout the summer.

Look for more videos about our work to be posted here.

Garden City Play Environment - Opening Day - June 2008 from space2place on Vimeo.

Garden City Media Coverage

Our Garden city park is opening this Saturday with an official opening from 11:30am - 1pm. The seems be quite a bit of excitement surrounding the park and the park is receiving a lot of media coverage. We are hopeful that this will help to encourage support for more innovative public spaces throughout the lower mainland.

Below are 3 videos that have aired on recent local televison:

This segment aired on Shaw Access early in May. They did a nice job of framing some of the conceptual ideas and research that went into the creation of the park.

Garden City - shaw segment - May 2008 from space2place on Vimeo.

This segment aired on CTV and features an interview with Alexa. I like how the contrast a "traditional" playground with the new park.

Garden City - CTV news segment May 2008 from space2place on Vimeo.

The last video aired on CBC. This video features Clarence Sihoe the project manager from the city of Richmond. This video has a slightly different perspective and focuses on some of the natural elements of the park.

garden city - CBC news segment - may 2008 from space2place on Vimeo.