Stormwater Management Plan Worksheet: INFILTRATION CHAMBER

Your Stormwater Management Plan needs to include a completed worksheet with an accompanying drawing (letter or tabloid sized page) of your property that shows how the drainage pipes and infiltration facilities are arranged on your property. You can use your building site plans if you have them, or you can generate a map of your property by using the City of North Vancouver’s CityMAP web mapping application:

The illustrations below provide an example of how drainage pipes and an infiltration chamber could be laid out on a typical south-facing lot and a typical north-facing lot.

A Stormwater Management Plan worksheet is provided here below. To complete this worksheet you will require the following information:

  1. Your building site plans (if available) and/or access to the City of North Vancouver’s CityMAP web mapping application

  2. Storm sewer elevation data obtained from the City of North Vancouver

  3. Information on the infiltration rate of your soil (optional)